Frequently Asked Question's


For assistance with our return or exchange process, please contact us and follow further instructions.


Pendalock offers you the possibility to update and modify your account information. To do so, simply log in to your Pendalock account, where you will be able to modify your details.
To delete your Pendalock account, please contact us.


Created with delicate accuracy and precious materials, Pendalock Jewellery is a delightful companion that will stand the test of time.

To ensure your  treasure’s lasting beauty, please note the following considerations:

Cleaning instructions:

  • Pieces can be cleaned with a wet cloth. Using a brush is not recommended.
  • Dry completely before polishing with jewellery polishing cloth (specific and adapted – 50% polyester/50% nylon only very soft touch).
  • If your jewellery is made of ornamental stones, clean it regularly using a soft wet cloth . Let it dry thoroughly each time it is cleaned.
  • PVD coating and ornamental stones may be damaged by various conditions or practices.

Care instructions:

  • Always close the clasp before storing  to avoid knots on the chain.
  • Ensure your piece is stored in the box provided at purchase to avoid scratches and debris.
  • Store each piece separately to avoid abrasion caused by other jewellery.
  • Protect your piece from external shock, as this can affect the setting and the performance capabilities of the clasp.
  • We strongly recommend applying fragrances or cosmetics before wearing your jewellery allowing sufficient drying time to avoid direct contact with ornamental stones.
  • Avoid exposing your jewellery  to high temperatures.
  • Avoid extreme sweating while wearing our jewellery.
  • Do not shower, swim or bath with your jewellery since cosmetics, detergents, disinfectant and water might damage the clasp, coating and the ornamental stones.
  • For refreshing, polishing services or any other specific care information, please contact a jewellery specialist.
  • Please note that Fine Jewellery pieces should only be entrusted to a specialist as these are extraordinary creations that require specific care.
  • For any questions regarding Pendalock  Jewellery care instructions, please refer our Jewellery Care Booklet.


  • Slight scratches, especially on polished surfaces, are normal signs of wear and are no reason for complaint. They make your jewellery even more unique and special.
  • Scratches  can be prevented by careful handling and storage.




To be able to pay via PayPal you will need a free PayPal account. PayPal offers various payment options and insures orders up to € 500. If you want to pay your order via PayPal, you will be forwarded to PayPal and asked to log in your account or register yourself. Now just select the desired payment method (PayPal balance, debit or credit card) and confirm the payment. After that we will receive a confirmation from PayPal and ship your goods as soon as possible.

Credit Card

Feel free to pay with your credit card in our online shop. Our payment provider Paypal ensures a convenient and safe payment process directly in the check-out process. Only after your order is completed we will charge your credit card.

Redeem a Gift card or voucher

You can redeem your Gift Card at the end of your order (in “shopping cart”) by entering your personal voucher code in the “Gift card” field. Only one voucher can be redeemed for each order. If you have several vouchers and would like to combine them, please use our contact form and reach out to us.

Can I exchange my order?

You can only change your order if you haven’t paid yet. In this case, please contact us through our contact form and tell us which product you’d preferably have. If you’ve paid your products directly in the order process, there’s unfortunately nothing we can change subsequently, as your order is immediately forwarded to our shipping providers during the processing procedure.

Can I cancel my order?

You’ve spontaneously decided to go for a different product? If you’ve already paid, there is unfortunately no possibility to cancel your order. As soon as you’ve received your order, you can of course make use of your right of revocation and send the products back to us. If you’ve chosen bank transfer as your method of payment, but haven’t transferred the amount yet, we can still cancel your order. In this case, please fill out our contact form.

Status of my order

After placing your order, you receive an automatic order confirmation. If you’ve payed your order directly, it will immediately be passed on to our shipping providers. You didn’t receive an order confirmation? Maybe you’ve accidentally made a typing error. Reach out to us via our contact form and we’ll tell you if we’ve received your order.



We provide free EU wide. Delivery is within 2-3 working days from the order date.

I want to change my address

Changing your address is just in some cases possible. Our Service Crew can tell you, if we are able to change your address. Use our contact form to get in touch.


How do I return items?

You can revoke Pendalock products that you’ve ordered in our online shop within 14 days after receiving the order. Please contact our Service Crew via our contact form about your wish to revoke your order and send the products within 14 days.

As soon as we’ve received your return, we will refund the amount via the same payment method you’ve used. Please be aware, that the return costs are borne by the buyer and we don’t cover them in case of revocation.

How can I change my product?

You’ve suddenly fallen in love with a different model and would like to change the one you’ve ordered? Of course, that is possible. Since we don’t do direct exchanges due to logistical reasons, you must revoke your product. As soon as we receive the return, we will refund the amount to your account. With the refund you can order your new preferred product.



Pendalock stands for quality and long-life duration. Therefore, we guarantee you a warranty of 12 months from the date of purchase of your Pendalock products.  Within the warranty period we will correct all defects, due to material or manufacturing defects free of charge. In those cases, please reach out to our Service Crew via our contact form. We will try to get in touch with you as quickly as possible and find a solution for the problem.  In case of complaint, you will need to show your purchase invoice.

Warranty does not cover:

Damage caused by incorrect usage and accidents (e.g. shock, fall, high water intrusion, scratches on glass)

The warranty does not extend by unauthorized interference of the buyer or third party. The warranty period does not prolong through taking use of the warranty. Neither can contamination of the product cause warranty claims. If your Pendalock product has defects, please include your invoice as voucher when reclaiming the product.

Incorrect Delivery

If you’ve received a different product than ordered, please contact our Service Crew via the contact form.

Retail Purchasing

If you’ve bought your product at one of our retail stores, please refer to them in case of return or warranty claims. Products that weren’t ordered in our online shop can only be returned to the retailer.