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The secret pendant Zodiac Leo

The secret pendant Zodiac Leo

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As fumble-free the clasp, as refined is the PENDALOCK design. At the heart of the brand is a necklace with a clasp that is not just a small detail on the side, but the core of the design. Literally, as a matter of fact. As a centre-positioned pendant, a clever mechanism becomes a piece of jewellery itself. All styles are characterised by a two-tone finish, ultimate ease of wear and timeless elegance.


  • 3 sparkling diamonds ( 0,024 Ct ) for a glamorous look
  • rosé-gold PVD finish
  • the perfect size for everyday use
  • versatile, dual-tone design
  • Fumble-free secret clasp
  • Pendalock Logo engraving on the back
  • Pendant width ~ 4 mm on the edges / ~ 5,5 mm in the center / diameter~ 14 mm
  • Delivered in a handcrafted, Pendalock present box
  • Designed and made in Germany
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